Unwanted Bonds Chapter 1

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Unwanted bonds
Chapter 1

It had to be a dream, or maybe a very bad joke, that was the only thing that Harry could think of as he continued staring at the Headmaster. He was waiting for someone to tell him that this was in fact a joke, then they could all have a good laugh at his expense for believing something so ridiculous. And things would go back to normal. But no one was laughing, and as he clenched his hands into fists, feeling the slight sting of his fingernails digging into the palm of his hands, he was also rule out that this was a dream.

Turning his attention briefly away from Dumbledore, Harry looked over at the other two occupants of the room. Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini. The two of them were just standing there, looking entirely too calm about the whole situation. Harry wanted to do something, yell at them, throw things, anything that would force them to have more of a reaction then their usual emotionless expressions.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself as best he could, Harry turned so he was once again looking at Dumbledore. “Professor, I…I really don’t understand…”

A sigh of frustration was heard from Draco, and Harry looked back at him again narrowing his eyes a the blond boy. “What’s not to understand?” Draco questioned. “Everything has been explained to you twice already,” Malfoy sneered. “Perhaps it would be easier for you to understand if we had a little picture book for you.”

“Shut it, Malfoy,” Harry snapped.

“It’s not my fault that you’re impossibly slow and need things explained to you multiple times,” Draco said with a shrug, a small smirk forming.

“Me wanting to get all the facts straight doesn’t make me slow,” Harry shot back, crossing his arms over his chest. “My reaction is perfectly normal, thank you very much. Yours however…” Harry paused, narrowing his eyes at the blond boy who had been his school rival since first year. “I’m beginning to think that this whole situation might have been your fault. You seem a little too smug for it to have been an accident,” Harry accused.

Draco narrowed his eyes, taking half a step towards his long time school rival, however, Blaise reached out and grabbed Draco’s shoulder, stopping him from moving any further. Draco looked back at the tan boy, frowning when Blaise shook his head. Draco huffed and leaned back against Blaise, allowing the tan boy to wrap his arms around him.

“Potter,” Blaise spoke then, once he had Draco securely in his arms. “None of us did this, in fact we aren’t entirely sure what ‘this’ even is, so I suggest you stop pointing fingers.” Blaise said narrowing his eyes slightly and watching as the small Gryffindor seemed to shrink back slightly in his chair. Blaise ignored Harry’s reaction and continued speaking. “Right now there isn’t much that can be done about this situation, unless you can learn how to keep your own magic under control. And considering we are all standing here, I am wondering if that will ever be possible.” Blaise Zabini explained.

“I can control my magic just fine!” Harry protested, earning skeptical looks from both Blaise and Draco. “When people don’t piss me off,” Harry added, glaring at the two Slytherins, making it quite clear that they were the one’s pissing him off at the moment. Though truthfully, the whole situation was really starting to anger Harry.

He couldn’t even remember exactly what had happened, when he tried all he got was flashes of Ron’s angry face and parts of a conversation that really shouldn’t have lead to Ron being so angry at him. Closing his eyes, Harry tried to focus on the memory, like he had been doing since he had woken up in the hospital wing.

Everything had been normal; he had been eating dinner with Ron and Hermione and they had been making plans for the summer. All three of them were intending to go on a trip together. Harry had never traveled before and the idea of going on a vacation with his two best friends was exciting. He, of course, would have to spend a couple weeks at the Dursley’s, but then he would be able to meet up with Ron and Hermione.

Hermione had gone places with her parents before, and Harry knew for a fact that Ron had been to both Egypt and Romania. They had all agreed that they wanted to go somewhere where none of them had been before. Things had gone down hill from there, and Harry couldn’t remember much except the burning anger, and his magic feeling like a small fire had been lit just under his skin, being fueled by his anger as he and Ron fought. Harry could still hear the sound of Ron’s glass exploding, before his memory went completely blank and the next thing he remembered was waking up in the hospital wing.

“Harry?” Dumbledore’s voice broke into his thoughts and Harry shook his head before opening his eyes.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Harry apologised.

“It is quite alright, Harry.” Dumbledore smiled kindly at him. “As I was attempting to say before, I believe that the problem with your magic is not just caused by your anger,” Dumbledore said, getting Harry back on track with what the actual situation was, “your magic reacts whenever you have any bouts of strong emotion. In other words, you are still having episodes of accidental magic,” Dumbledore explained.

Harry nodded his head in agreement, his accidental magic wasn’t something new to him. “What does that have to do with any of this though, sir?” Harry asked.

“You see, Harry, typically a wizard child will have accidental magic until they are eleven years old, at which time they are able to start their schooling, and start learning to control their magic. Of course, having to use their magic all year long depletes their magical core, so they get the summer off to rest and recharge themselves so to speak,” Dumbledore said and Harry nodded, indicating that he was following the Headmaster’s explanation so far.

“I think I’m understanding, but-”

“If you would stop interrupting, maybe you would get the explanation you’re looking for,” Draco cut Harry off. This earned him another glare from the smaller boy before Harry turned his attention back to Dumbledore, waiting for him to continue.

Dumbledore waited a moment longer to see if the boys were finished for the moment before he resumed his explanation. “In rare cases when there is too much magic built up in a single person, their magic seeks out someone compatible with them – their soul-mate, I believe that this is what you, Mr. Malfoy, and Mr. Zabini have all experienced,” Dumbledore said, looking from Harry to the two Slytherins.

Harry had listened to Dumbledore explain this. It was the third time he had been told, and though the wording had been different each time, the message was the same, he was somehow bonded to both Blaise and Draco, because he wasn’t strong enough to control his own magic.

“But it could have been anyone, why them?” Harry asked.

“There is no proof of this, however, I believe your soul called out for them. How much do you remember of when it happened, my boy?” Dumbledore asked.

Harry shrugged his shoulder. “I remember getting irritated at Ron, then his cup exploded, then… the rest is kind of fuzzy. I think… I remember someone talking to me…” Harry looked at Dumbledore to see if this was true or not.

The Headmaster nodded in confirmation. “You created a shield around yourself, I think on some level you might have been aware that you did not want your magic to hurt Mr. Weasley. However, when there is that much of a magical outburst there are only two places for it to go; it can burst out and harm those who are close to you; or it can turn inwards, causing you great harm instead. Your shield was a powerful one, Harry, the only two who were allowed to pass through it were in fact Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Zabini here, that is what makes me believe that some part of you called for them, and them alone. Whatever the reason, your magic accepted them and bonded them to you.”

Draco watched as Harry sank further into his seat. He silently hoped that the Gryffindor wouldn’t make Dumbledore go through the explanation a fourth time, but looking at the expression on Harry’s face at the moment, Draco was sure that the smaller boy finally understood what was going on. Though he was reluctant to admit it, Draco could understand why Harry needed things explained to him more than once; the whole situation really was confusing. Even Draco had found it a little hard to believe at first, and while Harry had been having trouble with the idea of being bonded to someone, Draco was finding it hard to believe that the small Gryffindor had so little control over his own magic that it had forced a bond between them.

If Draco hadn’t been able to actually feel the connection between the two of them, he would have most likely been in the same position as Harry, denying that any of this was actually true. Even if he hadn’t been able to feel the bond, Draco would have known that something must have happened Halloween night.

Draco couldn’t really remember moving from where had been standing at the door to the Great Hall, but he knew he had been the first one to make it through Harry’s shield. Blaise hadn’t been far behind him either, the only thought on both of their minds had been that they needed to calm Harry down before he killed himself with his own magic. Blaise had wrapped his arms around Harry while Draco had spoken softly to the smaller boy. The surge of power that had burst out from Harry at that point was enough to make Draco dizzy.

“Okay, so they’re bonded to me, WHY though?” Harry snapped, breaking Draco out of his own thoughts. “I know the how. You haven’t told me why,” Harry said in frustration. “I mean… you told me that my magic needs them, but WHY does it need them?” Harry looked at the Headmaster.

Dumbledore stroked his beard for a moment before he smiled at Harry, his eyes twinkling. “Picture it this way, Harry, your magical core is like a cup that your magic is constantly flowing into. Most wizard’s magic will stop flowing into that cup unless what is in the cup is used, then it will fill back up once they get some rest or don’t over work themselves too much. However, there are some people whose magic never stops flowing, instead it starts spilling over the cup until it is too much for that person to handle. That is where a lot of accidental magic comes from, as a child they need some sort of outlet for their magic because they aren’t using it every day.”

“So, my cup is overflowing?” Harry asked, making sure he was understanding what Dumbledore was trying to tell him, even if it was still a little confusing.

“Yes. Although accidental magic is uncommon once a person has started school, it is not unheard of. Usually what will happen is, as you train and use your magic, your magical core would expand to accommodate the excess magic. However, this obviously is not the case for you. Your magic realised the danger and called someone to you, to help control your magic, or in this case two someones,” Dumbledore said, indicating both Draco and Blaise.

“Control my magic?” Harry sat up straighter a look of worry crossing his face. “You mean those two will be able to use my magic?” Harry asked, looking in the direction of the two Slytherins, who had remained silent for the last few minutes while Dumbledore spoke.

“No,” Dumbledore reassured Harry. “They will not be able to use your magic, or make you use it against your will, the only access they have to your magic, is to stop it from overwhelming you. They will be able to stop the accidental magic from doing what it nearly did during the Halloween feast,” Dumbledore explained, Harry relaxed back in his seat, still looking at Blaise and Draco with a curious expression.

Harry couldn’t help but wonder why his magic had called those two. There had been hundreds of others in the Great Hall, people that Harry was closer to, and people who would have been far more willing to help him than these two Slytherins.

“Now, if there are no more questions I believe-“

“I have one more question,” Harry said quickly, sitting up straight in his chair again to look at Dumbledore. A small blush spread across Harry’s cheeks when he realised he had just cut Dumbledore off mid sentence. Giving the Headmaster an apologetic look, Harry turned to face Draco and Blaise once more. “I have a question for you two,” Harry said.

Blaise raised an eyebrow at the smaller boy. “And what would that be?” he asked.

“Why are you accepting this so easily?” Harry questioned, watching Blaise look at Draco, the two of them sharing a look with each other. The silent communication between the two spoke volumes about their relationship and Harry couldn’t help but feel like he was watching a rather private moment between the two Slytherins.

“That is simple, Potter,” Blaise said, breaking eye contact with the blond to once again look at Harry, “if we had not answered the call your magic sent to us, if we had refused to help, you would have died,” Blaise said bluntly. “Right now your magic is raw and exposed, not only could you do irreversible damage to yourself, but you could probably kill half the school as well if you were to completely lose control,” Blaise said.

While Harry was grateful for such a straightforward answer, he wasn’t sure how he should feel about it. He did, however, believe that Blaise spoke the truth, and so, satisfied with Blaise’s answer, Harry looked at Draco.

Draco sighed when he realised that Harry was expecting an answer from him as well. “As much as I have disliked you these past few years, Potter, I have never wished for you to die. This is also beneficial to me and my family. I have fought against my father time and time again about following the Dark Lord, and being bonded to you gives me a slight advantage in that.” Draco smirked at the look of surprise on Harry’s face.

“It really doesn’t help you, you know,” Harry pointed out. “Being bonded to me, it just makes you more of a target for Voldemort,” sighing, Harry glanced at Dumbledore. “So, what happens now, professor?” Harry asked.

“I believe the best course of action would be to set up some private quarters for the three of you,” the Headmaster suggested, holding up his hand before any of them could protest. “It will give the three of you a private place to go, and the space you will need to get to know each other,” Dumbledore said, smiling at the three students. “Now, since Harry has just gotten out of the hospital wing – though I am sure that he did not have permission to leave just yet,” he added, eyes twinkling, “you three are excused from classes today. If you wish to talk things over among yourselves I will allow you to use my private rooms until yours can be sorted out,” Dumbledore offered.

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” Draco said before pulling away from Blaise. He turned to give his boyfriend a small smile, before returning his attention to the Headmaster.“I wish to go and speak with my Godfather,” Draco informed Dumbledore.

“Very well, I shall send a house elf to inform you when the rooms are finished,” Dumbledore said as he stood up. Harry, not wanting to be the only one left sitting, quickly got to his feet as well.

“I think I should go pack my things, and maybe explain things to my friends,” Harry said.

“Why don’t you just leave that for the house elves to do? That’s their job anyway,” Draco said, blinking in confusion when Harry glared at him. Harry didn’t say anything else as he turned and stormed out of the room.

“Let him go do as he pleases, obviously he picked up some bad habits being raised by muggles.” Blaise kissed Draco’s cheek, grinning at the slight blush that appeared on the pale skin. “Go talk to Professor Snape, I’ll catch up with you later,” he promised and Draco nodded leaving the room a lot more quietly than Harry had. Blaise waited until the door was closed before he turned and looked at Dumbledore.


Harry did his best to ignore the other students in the hallways as he quickly made his way up to Gryffindor tower. His only thought was to get there so he could pack his things and hopefully find Ron, so he could talk to the redhead. However, as he came to a stop in front of the portrait, Harry looked up at the fat lady and found that he didn’t really want to go inside.

He had gotten a good idea of what the whole school thought about the Halloween incident, just from the short walk from the Headmaster’s office to here. Harry felt like his stomach was twisting into knots, as he tried to think of how his housemates were going to react, which was a difficult thing to do seeing as how they knew better than him what had occurred in the Great Hall that night. One thing Harry did know however, was that no one had come to visit him while he was in the hospital wing, as his customary cards and gifts had been missing from his bedside.

Mentally bracing himself, Harry gave the password to the Fat Lady, watching the portrait swing open. Taking a deep breath, Harry slowly climbed through the hole; the first thing he noticed as the door swung shut behind him, was that the common room was unusually quiet. Looking around the room and seeing everyone staring at him, Harry was starting to regret not getting a house elf to come up here instead, however, if he had done that there was no telling when he was going to be able to see Ron.

Taking a deep breath, Harry scanned the room for the redhead. Not seeing Ron anywhere, Harry sighed before making his way across the room to the stairs. He had only made it halfway across the room before Dean stood in his way.

“Haven’t you caused enough damage to this house?” Dean asked, narrowing his eyes at the smaller boy. Harry looked up at him in confusion, he hadn’t expected anyone to actually stop him from going up to the dorm room. “What are you doing here?” Dean demanded.

“I came to find Ron, I need-”

“No one cares what you need, Potter,” Dean interrupted. “Ron told us what happened, and there was no reason to react the way that you did,” Dean continued.

“What did I do?” Harry asked, worried that he had actually done some serious harm to his best friend. Whatever it is, I didn’t mean to-“

“You never mean to!” Seamus cut him off this time, coming to stand next to Dean. “But that’s what always happens isn’t it? People who get close to you always end up hurt,” Seamus said.

“Or worse,” Dean added. “How much longer do you think Weasley and Granger can survive being around you?” Dean narrowed his eyes at Harry, who took a step back as if he had been hit. He was looking from one of them to the other his eyes wide and unbelieving.

“Don’t look at us like that, Potter,” Seamus said in annoyance. “First year you dragged your supposed best friends with you to go after that crazy teacher; no one even knows what happened in second year, people were being attacked and as soon as fingers were pointed at you, the attacks stopped,” Seamus said his eyes still narrowed as he looked at Harry.

The smaller boy continued standing there, staring at him and Dean with wide eyes. Harry was well aware of how quiet the whole common room had gotten. Everyone was listening to Seamus and Dean as they continued pointing out all the ways that Harry had put people in danger.

“Third year,” Dean said, picking up where Seamus had left off, “Sirius Black shows up here and nearly killed Ron in his sleep thinking it was you. And let’s not forget last year, why don’t you tell us how Cedric died?” Dean asked. “After all of this, maybe there was a reason why You-Know-Who tried to kill you when you were a baby.”

Harry swallowed hard as he could, vividly remember Voldemort’s voice, ‘kill the spare!’, and Cedric’s body hitting the ground. It was still an image that haunted Harry’s nightmares, no matter how much he tried to pretend that he was fine. Slowly Harry started backing away, shaking his head, Dean’s words having more of an effect then they should have.

Harry really hadn’t needed Seamus or Dean to tell him about the past four years, Harry could remember all too well how much danger he had put not only himself in, but his best friends as well, but had never meant for any of it to happen. Harry couldn’t help but think that maybe Dean had been right, if Voldemort had succeeded in killing him as a baby, then none of this would have ever happened. Even though Harry tried to tell himself that things would be worse if he had been killed, he didn’t know if he could actually bring himself to believe that right now, not with the mental image of Cedric’s dead body still in his mind.

“I…” Harry looked around the room, all the eyes on him. The judgmental and hateful stares were too much for him to handle at the moment, so Harry did the first thing that came to mind, he turned and ran from the common room. In his haste to get out of the common room, Harry accidently knocked Hermione over, but he didn’t stop, not even when she called out for him.

Harry ran as fast as he could, ignoring everyone and everything around him, his feet pounded against the stone floor as he put in a burst of speed, just in case someone was following him. Harry knew he needed to find some place to go, some place he could hide and try to put his thoughts back in order. However, Harry was finding it extremely difficult to focus, as the familiar feeling of his magic started to tingle under his skin.

Turning a corner Harry paused for a moment, leaning up against the wall to catch his breath. Dean’s words were still echoing through his mind and Harry closed his eyes tightly. “Don’t think about it,” he told himself, thumping his head against the wall he was leaning against. “Don’t think about it.” The words did nothing to stop the memories from invading his mind, everyone he knew always got hurt, some people had even died because they had been too close to him.

Shaking his head quickly, Harry pushed off from the wall and continued running, though now it was more to escape his own thoughts. Harry rounded the corner, prepared to keep on running until he couldn’t anymore. Only to come a sudden stop as he ran into a solid body, sending both him and the other person falling to the floor.


Harry blinked and looked up to see Blaise sitting on the floor in front of him. ‘Everyone close to you get’s hurt’, the words echoed in Harry’s mind and he shifted away from Blaise.

“What happened?” Blaise asked. Though he tried to hide it, there was still concern in his voice as he stared at the pale trembling boy. Harry didn’t answer, just shifting further away from him. Pulling himself to his feet, Blaise stepped forward, offering his hand to help Harry up. The smaller boy just shook his head, moving back until he was against the wall.

“You… you and Malfoy, this was a mistake, you shouldn’t be bonded with me…” Harry said, not looking up at the tan boy. Blaise watched Harry in confusion as the smaller boy slowly stood up and dusted himself off.

“We just talked about this less than an hour ago, I thought everything was settled. What could have happened to change your mind in such a short amount of time?” Blaise asked, stepping forward again, raising an eyebrow as Harry shifted along the wall, obviously trying to keep his distance. Reaching out Blaise put one hand next to Harry’s head, halting any more attempts to move away.

Wide green eyes stared up at him, and Blaise just stared down at Harry for a long moment, his other hand coming up to cup Harry’s cheek. He could feel the power radiating off of Harry, it truly worried him and made him very curious as to what could have upset the Gryffindor so much.

“Look, Potter, you don’t have any obligation to tell me anything,” Blaise said, keeping his eyes locked with Harry’s. “I don’t know what, or who, got you so worked up that your magic is reaching dangerous levels, but I would suggest that you avoid whatever got you in such a state,” Blaise said.

Harry found himself leaning against Blaise’s cool hand, it felt soothing. As soon as Blaise had touched his cheek, Harry had felt his magic settling right back down to a manageable level. It definitely was a lot faster, and less painful way to regain control of his magic, when the only other option was to find an old classroom and destroy that.

“There, that’s better yes?” Blaise dropped his hand and backed away. “Were you going to get your things from your dorm room?” Blaise asked and Harry bit his lip looking down for a moment. He really wanted to make sure he got everything out of there but he would be even less popular than he already was if he asked Blaise to come along with him to make sure he didn’t blow up the common room.

“No… I think I’ll let one of the house elves get it for me after all…” Harry said, running a hand through his hair as he tried to center himself again after his near breakdown. “I don’t think I’m exactly welcome in the tower right now.” He chuckled weakly, trying to mask how much that fact actually hurt.

“Well, you did do some minor damage to the Weasel.” Blaise shrugged, not seeming all that concerned with Harry’s current predicament.

Harry’s eyes widened as he looked up at the tan boy. “How badly did I hurt him?” Harry asked. He hadn’t seen Ron in the hospital wing, so he had assumed that his friend hadn’t actually been hurt. But if his outburst had in fact hurt his best friend, then Harry couldn’t blame Dean for being so angry.

“A bump on the head, and a few cuts on his hand from the glass, nothing major. I’m sure he’s had worse before,” Blaise said with a shrug of his shoulder, he truly didn’t care about what happened to the loud mouth red-head of Gryffindor.

“He may have had worse before, but… I’ve never been the one personally responsible for hurting him!” Harry’s voice wavered slightly, thinking once more on what what Dean had said, along with Blaise’s comment. It was true that Ron had had worse, and even if Harry hadn’t been the one directly responsible all those other times, it had still been his fault. The truth of Dean’s words hit Harry like a bucket of ice water; both Ron and Hermione never would have been hurt if they hadn’t been friends with him.

“If you ask me,” Blaise spoke, cutting into Harry’s thoughts, “you’re putting too much thought into it. He got hurt, Pomfrey fixed him up and he was out of the hospital wing sooner than you were,” Blaise said, keeping his attention fixed on Harry. It wasn’t hard to figure out what Harry was getting so upset about.

Blaise had spent the last four years watching Ron and Harry together, as had most of Slytherin. Though, unlike the others in his house, Blaise had been more curious about the odd friendship. While no one in Slytherin really liked Harry all that much, most of them hated Ron even more, the main reason being that the redhead made it far too obvious that he was hanging onto Harry, trying to get in on some of the fame that Harry had. After all, people tended to notice you if you were the best friend of the boy who lived.

Draco had been right in first year, some wizarding families were better than others. However, Blaise was at least willing to admit that perhaps not all of Ron’s family were as bad as their youngest son. Blaise would never admit it outloud, but he did have a begrudging respect for the twins. He wasn’t a fan of loud people in general, but the twins made it a point to live their own way, no matter what others thought of them.

“I need to go find Ron, I’ve got to talk to him,” Harry said quickly, moving to walk around Blaise and go search for the redhead.

Blaise reached out and caught Harry’s arm before the smaller boy could make it to far. “Why don’t I just come with you?” Blaise said, unwilling to let Harry go so soon after he had nearly lost hold on his magic. “I have nothing important to do right now and Draco is going to be a while talking with Professor Snape,” Blaise explained when Harry gave him a curious look.

“No,” Harry said shaking his head. “I think it might be better if I talked to Ron alone, I need to explain what’s going on to him. He’s already going to be angry enough with me,” Harry said, trying to hide how nervous he felt about talking to his friends, but he had to see for himself that Ron was okay.

“All the more reason for me to come with you. It’s no secret that the Weasel has a temper,” Blaise said, and even if Harry still insisted on going alone, Blaise was still going to follow him regardless.

Harry chewed on his lower lip. He could see the point Blaise was trying to make. Harry knew that Ron had a short temper, he also knew what was most likely to set Ron off, and if the redhead was angry with Harry it was going to be hard enough to have a conversation with him without bringing Blaise along as well.

“Besides,” Blaise continued after a moment when Harry didn’t say anything, “what happens when he gets you worked up? Your magic is still unstable and if he says the wrong thing and get’s you angry, you could accidentally hurt him again,” Blaise pointed out, smirking slightly as Harry lowered his head in defeat.

“You’re going to follow me anyway, aren’t you?” Harry asked, glancing back up at him.

Blaise’s smirk widened. “You’re smarter than some people give you credit for.”

Harry frowned, not sure if that was supposed to be a compliment or not, but decided that it didn’t matter. “Alright… I already checked the tower so I don’t think he was in there,” Harry said, even though he hadn’t actually made it up to the dorm rooms. “Maybe down by the lake,” Harry said, turning and hurrying off down the hall, not bothering to see if Blaise was actually following him or not.

Blaise followed Harry easily enough, the smaller boy wasn’t running, but he was walking quickly through the halls. The fast pace was made easier for the two of them as Blaise noticed the other students were in fact moving out of Harry’s way as they saw him coming. Glancing around at the other students as they moved, Blaise frowned when he realised that people were moving to avoid being close to Harry. Blaise sent a glare at a couple third years, who shuffled as far out of Harry’s way as possible when he walked passed. Blaise really wasn’t happy with how people were treating Harry at the moment, as if he were some kind of horrible creature that would attack them if they even looked at him the wrong way.

Blaise wasn’t entirely sure where this sudden wave of protectiveness toward Harry came from, though he suspected that it had something to do with the bond they now shared. All Blaise knew was that even the thought of leaving Harry alone at the moment was enough to have his hand twitching toward his wand, silently daring anyone to try and hurt Harry while he was around. It was the same fierce protectiveness that Blaise felt toward Draco, whenever he thought his blond boyfriend might get hurt.

Blaise had to wonder if it was because he was the oldest out of the three of them, or if Draco would feel the same amount of protectiveness towards Harry. The tan boy made a mental note to ask Draco about it later, and for right now would deal with the fact that he had a responsibility to protect both Draco and Harry. Blaise didn’t mind the looking-after-Draco part, but he was still very unhappy about these foreign feelings towards Harry.

Blaise had never had any personal opinion about Harry Potter, though like most other Slytherins, Blaise found Harry to be an annoyance, he was willing to also admit that the only main reason that he disliked Harry was because of how much Draco hated him; the fact that Harry was obviously given special treatment by the Headmaster didn’t help either. And if given the chance, Blaise would not have chosen to be bonded to the small Gryffindor.

The only reason he wasn’t fighting the bonding was because it really would add some security for his and Draco’s life. Being bound to the boy-who-lived would give Draco, and himself the protection of Dumbledore and the side of the light. And though very little of the bond was known at this point, Blaise was fairly sure that the reason why Dumbledore was allowing this bond to continue, and didn’t seem to worried that Harry would be handed off to Voldemort, is because the bond would not allow Blaise or Draco to knowingly put Harry in danger.

This, of course, was just an assumption, based on the simple fact that Blaise was following Harry now, because of the possibility that Harry could be hurt by Weasley. The ginger was well known for his temper, and Blaise didn’t want to take the chance that the Weasel would try and hurt Harry.

Harry glanced over his shoulder, frowning when he saw that Blaise was still following him. He wanted to ask the tan boy why he was following, or tell him that he didn’t have to, but for some reason he refrained from doing so, remembering from before that Blaise had basically told him he was going to follow, whether Harry wanted him to or not.

Letting out a small sigh, Harry turned back again, slowing his pace down to something resembling a normal walk. He really didn’t like this situation at all, and he wondered what Blaise and Draco really thought about the bond. Glancing once again toward Blaise, he silently debated with himself over whether he should ask the tan boy or not, but Harry couldn’t seem to bring himself to start a normal conversation with the boy following him. He didn’t want to talk to Blaise, nor Draco for that matter, he wasn’t comfortable enough to do so yet, and Harry wondered if he would ever be comfortable enough around the two Slytherin’s to talk to them. And even if he could talk to them, there was no guarantee that they would want to talk to him; after all, if what Dumbledore had said was true, he had trapped both Blaise and Draco into this bond, all because he had lost control of his magic.

Harry knew his control was better than it used to be, he had in fact gotten better at controlling it over the years, the only thing that had caused a problem, and made his control slip, was because he hadn’t been able to control his temper. Harry knew what he had to do, but there was no way to just not be angry. Not when everyone seemed set on controlling his life for him. He trusted Dumbledore, he really had no reason not to, but the old wizard was probably the worse culprit for choosing things that would change Harry’s life drastically. This time, it was now affecting people other than Harry. Though he didn’t like anyone in Slytherin, he couldn’t help the feeling of guilt that was forming.

The chilly Autumn air hit Harry’s face when he walked out the front doors, turning his attention toward the lake immediately. Harry smiled when he could easily see Fred and George down there, and although he couldn’t see the face of the third redhead with them, Harry knew it was Ron. Without a glance back at Blaise, Harry took off at a run, heading down to the lake.

Blaise shook his head and followed quickly, shivering slightly as the Autumn air blew. Blaise grumbled softly as he kept his eyes on Harry; the least the smaller boy could have done was grab a cloak before coming outside. It was the first week of November, and even though there was no snow, it was still chilly.

Hurrying his pace to catch up with Harry, and tell him off for not dressing warmer, Blaise’s attention shifted as they neared the lake, narrowing his eyes when he saw the three Weasley’s standing by the lake. Ron was sitting down throwing pebbles into the lake while his twin brothers were standing off to the side glancing at their younger brother every now and then. Blaise saw the moment they noticed Harry approaching, they paused in whatever they were talking about, moving to intercept Harry, who wasn’t paying any attention to them, instead he was heading straight toward Ron. Blaise sped up a bit more and grabbed Harry’s arm as Fred and George came to them.

“Oi, Harry,” one of the twins said while the other gave Blaise a curious distrustful look. “Look,” the first twin continued. “we figured you’d want to talk to Ron, but I don’t think now is such a good time.” Fred glanced over his shoulder where Ron was throwing another rock into the lake, either not having noticed them, or just ignoring everyone around him.

Harry could tell by how tense he looked that Ron was really upset. This just made Harry want to talk to him more, he had to apologize. “I just need to talk to him,” Harry said, looking pleadingly toward Fred.

“Harry, we know you didn’t mean what you did,” Fred said with a small sigh, looking more serious than Harry had ever seen either of them look before.

“And honestly our little brother probably deserved what you gave him,” George pointed out. “But, he’s still our brother and well… Harry that was some pretty strong accidental magic. If you try to talk to him now it will probably end up in a fight, and well…” George trailed off, not sure of how to continue. But he didn’t have to, it was clear enough to Harry what the twins were trying to tell him.

“I… you think I’d hurt him again…” Harry said staring at the twins, he felt something squeeze painfully in his chest. He had hoped that there would be someone who still trusted him, had hoped that his magic hadn’t done so much damage that his friends, people he considered to be the family he had never had, would be afraid of him now, wouldn’t trust him near them.

“It’s not that, Harry, really it’s not.” Fred said quickly, but both twins could tell from the look on Harry’s face, the damage had been done. Harry could be a very strong person when he was standing up and protecting someone he thought needed it, but they had seen more than once how easily Harry could and would turn things around to make them his fault.

“Harry,” George said, in an attempt to fix what he had just done,

“we just don’t want you and Ron to be fighting right now. Ron is really stubborn and knowing him he’ll say things that will just make you upset with him,” Fred tried to explain, but it was clear that Harry wasn’t really listening. The smaller Gryffindor just stared at them blankly for a moment, before giving a small nod as if he understood them. Harry pulled his arm free from Blaise, and turning, he ran back up towards the castle.

“Harry!” Fred called after him, letting out a sigh and looking to George when Harry didn’t stop.

“Well this is bloody brilliant.” George sighed. “We’ll have to catch him in the common room tonight and talk to him then.”

“Harry won’t be in the common room tonight.” Blaise glared at the two of them his fists clenched at his side. He was fighting against the urge to punch the identical faces in front of him, because Blaise knew the only reason for his sudden anger was because Harry had just been hurt by these two, and while punching them would make him feel better, it would do nothing to help Harry, or the situation. “I should warn you now,” Blaise said softly, keeping his glare fixed on the twins, “if I see anyone with red hair near Harry I will shoot spells first and ask questions later.” Blaise turned, leaving two confused Weasley’s staring after him, and went back up to the castle to find Harry before there were any more outbursts of possibly dangerous accidental magic.


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