Unbreakable Bonds Chapter 3

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Unbreakable Bonds
Chapter 3

Even before he opened his eyes, Harry could tell that something was wrong. There was a dull throbbing in his head, and it was as though something heavy was pressing on his chest. Subconsciously he tried to reach out for Draco, through their bond, only he felt nothing except a startlingly empty void. An image flashed through his mind, Draco, bloody, bruised, his head turned at an awkward angle from a snapped neck, body propped up against the cold metal bars of a cell.

Harry screamed, eyes snapping open. He tried to sit up, only to find himself restrained. He was lying on his back, staring up at the ceiling of an overly bright room. His eyes darted around, taking in the blurry outlines of people he didn’t recognise. He was dimly aware that someone was trying to talk to him, however he couldn’t register the actual words being said; the only thing his mind was occupied with was the fact that he was being restrained and that he was surrounded by people he didn’t know.

“… let me go…” Harry rasped out, feeling the dangerous burning under his skin indicating that his magic was building up, ready to lash out. “Let me go!” he shrieked, trying to thrash against his bonds.

It had to be a dream, Harry knew it had to be. He could remember the seven years since, he remembered escaping that dreadful place, and the life he and his mates had built together, but with the remnants of the dream still clinging to his confused mind, and the vast void where his bond with Draco was supposed to be, it was hard to believe. His heart beat rapidly in his chest as he tried desperately to reach out through his bond, trying to find Draco. He needed that reassurance that his blond lover was alive.

But Harry felt nothing.

Panic and rage flowed through him, the likes of which he hadn’t known since he had been trapped in Malfoy Manor; the fear he felt for his bondmates consumed him and he couldn’t have stopped himself, even if he wanted to. His magic spiked and the spell holding him down was broken.

“Mr. Potter, please calm yourself!” someone said.

Harry snapped his head in the direction of the speaker. His magic lashed out, pushing everyone away from the bed he was currently on. He didn’t bother to find his glasses, the only thought on his mind right now was to get out of here, find his bondmates, and discover why he couldn’t feel Draco.

Stumbling toward the door, his head was still pounding, his magic burning, and his stomach protesting every movement he made. The door blew open before he had even reached it.

“Harry!” The familiar and startled voice of Blaise broke through the haze that was clouding Harry’s mind. Strong arms wrapped around him and Harry practically collapsed against his bondmate. “Shh, you’re okay, everything’s okay, Harry,” Blaise reassured him. Harry curled up against Blaise, clinging to his shirt as he waited for the burning to stop.

“What did you do to him?” Draco’s furious voice reached his ears and Harry blinked, turning his head to see the blurry outline of his blond lover.

“Draco…” Harry’s voice came out more as an odd whimper, and he shifted, reaching one hand out toward the blond man. Draco turned toward him, and though Harry couldn’t see any details of his face, he could tell that Draco was giving him a reassuring smile. Draco took his hand, and continued holding it even as he turned away again.

“I’m still waiting for an answer. What did you people do to put him in such a state?” Draco demanded.

“With all due respect, we were just doing our job.”

Harry looked in the direction of the unfamiliar voice and flinched away from the person he saw standing there.

“Blaise… glasses, I want… where are my glasses?” Harry asked, feeling his magic starting to spike again as he continued staring at the faceless blur before him.

“They’re in the room, come on, let’s sit you down before you fall down,” Blaise said, easily leading Harry back into the room. Harry didn’t resist, even though the last thing he wanted was to be back in the room he’d woken up in. He did, however, protest when Blaise started moving back toward the bed.

“No,” Harry said, holding tighter onto Blaise.

“Harry, you’re hardly standing on your own, and you just had a pretty bad panic attack,” Blaise said. “You have to sit down.”

“Then find a chair, not… not on the bed,” Harry insisted.


“They restrained me,” Harry said quietly, and he felt Blaise tense in what he could only assume was anger. “I’m not sitting on that bed.” Harry said stubbornly. Blaise thankfully didn’t make him. He located Harry’s glasses before leading him back out of the room, where Draco was still arguing with the healer.

“Draco, we’re going home,” Blaise said firmly, stopping the argument.

“You can not leave. Mr. Potter hasn’t been cleared yet,” the healer started to say but he stopped when Blaise gave him a cold look.

“Then we will bring him back to see his proper healer, not some incompetent fool that doesn’t deem it important to read the files of the patients they are treating,” Blaise snapped.

“Is there something I should know?” Draco asked, his own voice taking on an icy tone as he looked from Blaise, to Harry, then finally back to the healer.

“Something I will tell you when we get home,” Blaise said. “Harry needs to rest, and he’s not going to get it here.” Blaise started leading Harry down through the hall toward where they could use the floo and go home.

Harry said nothing, though was thankful when Blaise passed him off to Draco and went through the floo first. Because even though it went unsaid, Harry knew that Blaise wanted to make sure Harry didn’t hurt himself when he came through the floo on the other side, and usually had an easier time catching him than Draco did.

“Are you okay, Harry?” Draco asked once Blaise had gone through the floo.

“I will be,” Harry admitted. “I just… I need some time to get my bearings back.”

“When we get home, would you allow me to do a scan?” Draco requested, not trusting the healers that were currently there. However, he knew this wouldn’t be happening the moment Harry turned to look up at him.

“No,” Harry said sternly, his hold tightening around Draco. Harry knew his lover wanted to know for his own piece of mind, however Harry shook his head. “I’ll contact my healer first thing in the morning, but I just… I don’t want a healer right now, I just need to be with you and Blaise,” Harry said as Draco led him into the floo.

Draco wanted to argue, he wanted to ensure that Harry was alright, but he couldn’t bring himself to argue when Harry looks so very frail and shaken. He didn’t need a scan to tell that something had seriously upset Harry and as they headed home together, Draco knew that had to be their priority.


Within twenty minutes of being home Harry found himself snuggled up on the settee next to Blaise, teacup in hand, and Draco hovering nearby. Harry sipped slowly at his tea, sighing as he felt the effects of a calming draft. He glanced knowingly at Draco.

“I’m fine, you know,” Harry said.

Draco gave him a skeptical look. “If you’re going to block the bond from me, the least you can do is tell me the truth,” the blond man insisted.

Harry frowned, tilting his head in confusion. “I’m not…” he trailed off, his frown deepening. He tried to feel out the bond like he usually did, however something was definitely wrong. Instead of feeling Draco on the other end, he felt nothing, the same empty void he had felt when he woke up in the hospital.

“Harry?” Draco said, moving closer and looking concerned.

“Sorry, I have a bit of a headache, and I think I’m still a little disoriented from that nightmare…” Harry explained, taking another sip of his spiked tea. He didn’t want to worry Draco, because this wasn’t the first time the bond had done something on its own.

Draco still didn’t look convinced, however he let the topic drop, moving over to take the empty seat on Harry’s other side. Once he was settled, he reached over and pulled Harry onto his lap, something that Harry allowed easily.

Once he was settled sitting sideways on Draco, his feet stretched out so they were resting on Blaise’s lap, Harry laid his head down on Draco’s shoulder and let out a contented sigh.

This was the scene that Sirius walked in on as he flooed into their living room. Harry blinked up at his godfather and sighed. “Please tell me you’re not here on business,” Harry said, closing his eyes again.

“Sorry, kiddo. If it helps any, this is nothing you have to get up for, I’m just here to check on you,” Sirius said.

“I’m fine,” Harry replied, keeping his eyes closed.

“You look it,” Sirius said sarcastically, taking in Harry’s pale complexion and tired eyes.

“Gee thanks, love you too,” Harry smiled, cracking open an eye to look at Sirius. “I am fine though, just a little disoriented, and I have a headache,” Harry said.

“Is that why they let you leave the hospital?” Sirius asked. “I stopped there first before coming over here. They said you just walked out.”

Harry sighed softly, shifting around on Draco’s lap so that he could lean over and put his teacup on the coffee table before he looked at Sirius again. “I would have stayed there if my usual healer wasn’t on holiday; I’m not overly fond of the temporary replacement, so I came home,” Harry explained.

“You haven’t had a problem with the replacements before,” Draco said, looking sceptical.

“That’s because none of them have been stupid enough to use a restraining spell to keep me on the bed,” Harry snapped.

Draco frowned. Blaise had explained to him briefly what had happened, and while that was enough to explain Harry’s panic at the hospital, Draco felt as if there were more going on than Harry was admitting to.

“We could have found someone else, or we could have called your own healer back,” Draco said worriedly. “If you think you should have remained at Saint Mungo’s-”

“I don’t,” Harry cut him off, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, almost sounding resigned as he continued. “I was attacked, Draco, the last thing I want right now is to be poked and prodded by anyone. I feel fine, I am fine. And if it will truly make you feel better, I will contact Healer Eldon first thing in the morning.”

“Alright, Harry,” Blaise said before anyone else could reply.

Harry knew that Draco wanted to say more, and probably would have if it weren’t for the look that Blaise gave him. Harry, however, ignored the silent argument going on between his two bondmates; leaning forward to take his cup of tea again, he snuggled back down on Draco’s lap.

Sirius sighed. “Alright, Harry, but you’re not coming to work tomorrow. Go see Healer Eldon, and take a couple days off,” Sirius ordered.

“Is that an order from my superior? Or my Godfather?” Harry asked cheekily.

“Both,” Sirius said.

“Then I suppose I have no choice but to follow those orders,” Harry said, finishing his tea. “Though it’s not like these two will let me get away with not going.” Harry motioned toward Blaise and Draco. “Though if I’m missing work for this, you two can’t skip work,” Harry said, looking over to Blaise.

“Harry,” Draco said with a small sigh. “Fine, but if Healer Eldon finds anything life threatening, you come find me immediately,”

Harry nodded his head in agreement, tilting his head to give Draco a kiss. It was at that moment that Sirius decided to excuse himself, telling Harry he would give him an update about what was happening regarding his attacker, once he was back at work in a couple days.


As promised, the following morning Harry found himself sitting in a private examination room, waiting for Healer Eldon. The man had gone to retrieve the results of Harry’s admission into the hospital the night before. Though Harry was sure that the healer from last night hadn’t actually performed any scans, so there wouldn’t be much information other than that Harry had been in the hospital and under the care of another healer, he still understood that Eldon had to check.

The door opened and Harry turned to look at his healer. “It seems you were correct,” Eldon said as he closed the door behind him, looking at the file he had brought in with him, “they didn’t have time to do a proper scan because it appears that your magic acted out, and even injured two of the nurses attending to you,” he told him, coming to stand next to the examination table Harry was sitting on.

“My magic acted out because they had me restrained,” Harry explained. “Or did they forget to put that in their report?” He wouldn’t have put it past that healer to omit a few things.

Eldon looked down at the folder again and nodded his head. “There was a mention of that as well. I can assure you, that alone will ensure Healer Hampus will not be employed here much longer,” Eldon said, setting the folder aside. “Now, shall we get down to the real reason for your visit. You were attacked at the Ministry party last night.”

Harry nodded his head in confirmation. “Yes, I thought I had been hit by a spell, but I’m not suffering any side effects or a normal dark curse. I honestly didn’t see any point of calling you back from holiday just for this, however Draco was insistent that I get a full scan done, and if I couldn’t get to see you, he was going to perform the scan himself,” Harry said.

Eldon chuckled. “You know, Harry, the rules only state that Mr. Malfoy can’t be your personal healer, he is still allowed to perform checks on you; he is a highly qualified healer for how young he is.”

“I know,” Harry sighed. “I’ve never questioned Draco’s abilities, it’s just that sometimes Draco worries too much, and he isn’t always able to separate himself from his work when it concerns either me or Blaise,” Harry explained; though he had gone over this with Eldon before, he felt bad for disrupting his holiday.

“That is perfectly understandable, there are reasons why healers aren’t allowed to have spouses or family members as their patients” Eldon explained as he removed his wand from his pocket. “Well, shall we get this over with and assure Mr. Malfoy that he had nothing to worry about?”

Harry nodded, sitting still as Healer Eldon moved his wand over Harry’s body. Harry shivered as he felt the sensation of magic ghosting over him.

“…that’s strange,” Eldon said and Harry saw the man frown as he waved his wand again, performing the scan once more. “That is very strange,” he said.

“Healer Eldon…” Harry said.

“I’m sorry, Harry.” He smiled. “The good news is there are no traces of dark magic anywhere; whatever spell you thought you were hit with, either didn’t hit you, or wasn’t dark magic,” Eldon said, though for some reason his words did nothing to reassure Harry.

“Then what was so strange about the scan?” Harry questioned.

“There was a very odd reading I got back from the scan, centering around your abdomen,” Eldon explained.

Harry lifted his hand placing it on his stomach. He knew that he had been putting on weight, even his bondmates had noticed. But Harry had thought nothing of it, only now to find out that it was something he probably should have been worried about. “What kind of…odd reading?” Harry questioned, doing his best to ignore the strange fluttering in his stomach, telling himself it was just nerves.

“I won’t know until I do a couple more scans, though I will also have to ask you a few personal questions,” Eldon said.

“We’ve done personal questions before,” Harry said. “You probably know more about my life than almost anyone else now, except Draco and Blaise.”

“Yes, but this is on a topic that we have not discussed before,” Eldon said. “Now I will have to ask you to remove your shirt so that I may have a look at your stomach.”

Harry removed his shirt as he was instructed to do so, setting it aside before looking at Eldon. “I think you might want to know that you’re really starting to scare me now, I’m already on edge from last night, and the only reason I’m doing this is because I trust you,” Harry said sharply.

“I do not wish to alarm you, Harry,” Eldon said, trying to keep his tone as comforting as he possibly could. “I simply want to be sure before I tell you what the first scan showed. Now if you can lay down, I will ask you questions as I do these next couple of scans.”

Harry sighed and lifting himself up onto the table facing Eldon, his eyes tracking every move the healer made with his wand.

“Have you taken any potions recently? Ones that you have not gotten from myself?” Eldon asked.

“Draco gives me calming drafts sometimes, and he’s the one that supplies our house with headache relievers,” Harry explained

“Any prescription potions?” Eldon questioned.

“No,” Harry said irritably, slapping Eldon’s hand away when the man went to place his hand on Harry’s stomach. “What is going on!” Harry snapped.

Eldon sighed taking a step away from Harry. “Your body is producing a high level of HCG, which should not be possible, unless you have taken certain potions, or have consulted a healer to help with this procedure,” Eldon said and Harry looked even more confused. “It is a hormone that is made when a woman is pregnant, and in rare cases, with the help of potions, when a man is pregnant.”

The anger slowly drained away from Harry’s face his eyes widening slowly as what Healer Eldon just said started to sink in. Feeling the slight fluttering in his stomach again that Harry had brushed aside as nerves, or indigestion. His head snapped down to look at the bump that had been forming over the last couple months. “A… a baby?” Harry asked in disbelief.

“Yes, I have done three separate scans and each one indicates that you, Mr. Potter, are in fact pregnant. I will just have to do the official pregnancy test so that I can add those results to your file…” Healer Eldon was still talking but the words were not longer registering to Harry. His focus was on the not so simple fact that he was being told he was pregnant.

This news was one shock too many to Harry’s system, and he was very happy to have been sitting on the examination table at the time, because it meant he didn’t have far to fall as his brain shut down in a dead faint.


Harry hadn’t been out long thanks to Healer Eldon, though the next hour went by in a complete haze. Harry could hardly recall anything Healer Eldon said after it was confirmed that Harry was in fact pregnant. Potions had been ruled out as a possible cause, as Eldon had tested for those, as well as spells and other magical means that would lead to him being pregnant.

The only conclusion that Healer Eldon could come to, was that Harry’s current state was a result of the bond that he shared with Blaise and Draco. Which was a logical conclusion to come to, since Harry had never bothered to do much more research into the bond once they had discovered what it was.

It was one thing they had always meant to get back to, but with one thing and another it had always been pushed off to the side, until it just hadn’t seemed necessary to do the research into it. However, Harry knew of one person who had started looking into it, and while she had never come to Harry with any findings, Harry knew that Hermione kept notes about everything she ever researched.

So with that in mind, and a new appointment card in hand where he would have to come back and see a specialist in a couple weeks, Harry left Saint Mungo’s. He went straight to Fred and George’s joke shop, or more specifically, to the flat above the shop where Hermione was currently living with Fred.

The joke shop was as busy as always, and on any other visit here Harry would have felt a small sense of pride in the fact that Fred and George had put the Triwizard Tournament money to good use. Today however, he felt a strange sense of numbness as he walked through the doors, and went straight up to the flat without greeting either Fred or George. In fact they were so busy that Harry was sure they hadn’t even seen him come in.

The thought that Hermione might not even be home hadn’t occurred to him, as he knocked on the door and waited for her to answer. Harry knocked again, turning to look behind him, debating if he should go find Fred or George to let him in, when the door opened.

“Harry?” Hermione said. Harry turned back to face her, only to be pulled into a tight hug. “Oh I’m so glad you’re okay! I heard what happened at the party last night!” she said. Harry sighed and leaned into the hug, resting his head on her shoulder.

“Hermine, I really need to talk,” Harry said softly. The bushy haired girl pulled back from the hug, a frown forming as she actually took in Harry’s appearance.

“You look pale, are you okay?” she asked, pulling him into the flat, closing the door behind them as she ushered Harry over to the couch.

“I don’t know… I don’t know if I’m okay or not, I haven’t really wrapped my head around the situation yet,” Harry explained, though knew that he wasn’t making much sense, due to the fact that Hermione didn’t know all the details. Though he couldn’t’ seem to form the words, as if voicing them would make it all the more real.

He felt the fluttering in his stomach, and his hand slowly drifted to his slightly rounded belly. If Hermione noticed the movement she didn’t say anything. “I’m…” Harry started to say but shook his head. “I think I’m going to be sick.” He closed his eyes tightly.

“Should I call Draco? Or Blaise? Do you need a healer?” Hermione fretted.

Harry shook his head again. He knew that he would have to tell Blaise and Draco about this, there was no way he could keep it from them. However the only thought that kept going through his mind was that the bond was broken, baby or not, there was nothing to keep Draco and Blaise from leaving him now.

He felt something pressing against his lips, dimly recognising it as a potion vial Harry opened his mouth and allowed the calming draught to slide down his throat.

“Alright there, Harry?” Fred asked as Harry blinked up at the red-head.

“Yeah, I’m alright,” Harry said, taking a deep breath to calm himself down further. His thoughts were still scrambled, but they were no longer as panic inducing as they were a moment ago.

“Are you sure?” Hermione asked and Harry nodded his head in confirmation.

“I will be, after I figure some things out,” Harry sighed.

“What things?” Hermione questioned and Harry glanced at her, seeing the worried look she was giving him he let out another sigh.

“Do you still have that research you were doing into Signature Bondings?” Harry asked. Hermione’s worried expression took on a hint of curiosity as she nodded, standing up and going over to the bookshelf she pulled down a small stack of papers, and a book.

“I never got far into it. Why, what’s going on? Has something happened to the bond?” Hermione sat down and opened the book, along with the file that had her papers in it.

“Yes… and no, I don’t know… I mean, I think this is something to do with the bond…” Harry closed his eyes. “I mean this must be something with the bond, there’s no other explanation…”

“Maybe if you started with telling us what the problem is,” Fred prompted.

Harry let out a frustrated sigh and stood up he started pacing back and forth. “I’m pregnant,” Harry said, the words sounding foreign even as he spoke them. “I don’t understand, I don’t get how this could even happen,” Harry said, pausing to look at Hermione knowing she didn’t have the answer either, but Harry knew that she would be able to help him figure it out. “How did this happen?” he asked.

“You see, Harry,” Fred spoke up, apparently unable to hold his tongue for long, “when two people love each other very much…” This earned the red-head a smack from Hermione.

“That is not what he meant, Fred!” she said, rolling her eyes. “This is serious, and no time to be making jokes!”.

“I was being as serious as my brain will allow me to be,” Fred defended, then he looked back at Harry. “What I was saying is true though, you have a signature bond with Blaise and Draco, you three are soul mates. That kind of magic is rare. It is possible that the bond you share with those two is behind your ability to become pregnant,” Fred said, earning a surprised look from Hermione.

“So…it was because of the bond?” Harry asked, his hand slowly moving to rest on his stomach.

“Either that, or Healer Eldon has a very strange sense of humor,” Fred said, watching as Harry reached out for the nearest chair and sat down, his hand still on resting on his stomach.

“Harry?” Hermione asked, worried for her friend when she saw how pale Harry had gone.

“…I can’t….” Harry said softly, lifting his gaze from his stomach to Hermione. He looked so lost and confused that Hermione couldn’t stop herself from going over to him and pulling her friend into a hug. “Hermione… I can’t… I don’t… how am I going to do this?” Harry asked, his hands shaking as he wrapped his arms tightly around Hermione.

Fred watched the two of them silently, not really wanting to interrupt them, but Harry was going to need as much support as he could get. “You’re not alone, Harry,” Fred reminded him. “You’ve got me and Hermione, and Mum will be more than happy to help when she finds out the news,” Fred said. “Not to mention you do have Draco and Blaise.” Fred trailed off frowning as he thought for a moment. “They do know, don’t they?” Fred asked.

Hermione pulled away from Harry looking down at her friend when he slowly let her go and looked away from her and Fred.

“…no…I just…I came straight here after the appointment with the healer,” Harry admitted.

“Draco’s going to be really worried,” Hermione said. “You’ve been really worked up and stressed… I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t come looking for you already,” Hermione said.

“He’s at work, he won’t know anything is wrong,” Harry said softly, not looking up at either of his friends. Something was wrong though, Harry knew it, other than his unexpected pregnancy, but he hadn’t found the time to mention it to Draco, or Blaise, partly because Harry wanted to be sure before he worried other people for no reason. However, he had been trying to reach Draco through the bond all day, ever since the evening before really, and there was still nothing, just that empty void.

“He’s not blocking the bond again is he?” Hermione asked angrily. It was common for Draco to partly block the bond he shared with Harry, but only when he was working, however, after the attack at the Ministry party, Hermione was sure that Draco would have kept the bond fully opened at all times, no matter what distractions it may cause.

“He can’t block what’s not there any more,” Harry said, letting out a long sigh and standing up before Hermione could start asking questions. “It is getting late…I should head home before Blaise and Draco get home,” Harry said.

“Harry, you can’t just drop a bomb like that and run out of here,” Fred exclaimed, stepping in front of the smaller man who stared up at him. “What do you mean that your bond isn’t there any more? You can’t break a bond like that.”

“Someone managed to,” Harry said, shaking his head. “Look, I shouldn’t have said anything. Draco and I haven’t even talked about it yet, please…let us work this out? Maybe it’s not gone, maybe it is just being blocked… Either way, I can’t feel him any more, and it’s already making me feel out of sorts, even without being interrogated,” Harry said, looking up at Fred and then giving a pleading look toward Hermione.

“Alright, but I am coming over tomorrow,” Hermione said. ”We can start figuring this out. We can even call Ron, he’s become a pretty good curse breaker,” she suggested, and Harry offered her a small smile before looking back up at Fred.

“Remember we’re just a floo call away if you need us Harry,” Fred offered and Harry smiled at him as well before heading toward the fireplace so that he could floo home.

He had an hour before either Blaise or Draco were due to be home, but he wanted that time to clear his head. It was too much to process though, he needed time; he would talk with Hermione the next day, and from there he would have to work out what he was going to tell his two bondmates about everything that he had discovered today.


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