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Never Broken










Spike has been mutated and has been accepted as part of the turtles family, however things are never quite as they seem, after Mikey is attacked, it is up to his brothers to find out what is wrong with the youngest member of the family.
AU-inspired by the episode Slash and Destroy.
3rd place winner in the TMNT Universal Fanfic Competition! Best Portryal of a Villain!
Finding The Oldest  One-Shot
How I see you  One-Shot
This Changes Everything





Sequel to How I see You.
Accepting change is never an easy thing, each of them knew where they stood as a family. They were brothers, though they wanted something more. When a new foe kidnaps Donnie and Mikey, it is up to Leo and Raph to bring them home.
Tcest, mpreg, sort of gender swap.
This story is not going to be finished, I am using the same idea for another story that I am writing with someone else. 
Side Affects of Love and Lust



A series of oneshots, each chapter is another sexy addition to this universe, however it is not a multi-chapter story.
Chapter 1
Love and Lust
Chapter 2
Candy Love
Explicit sex!
Look at Me 


Splinter is gone, and in dealing with their own greif the brothers have started drifting apart. Mikey decides enough is enough, and takes matters into his own hands.
Another part to the Love and Lust series
Explicit sex!
Obsessions of Love






Another addition to Love and Lust universe!

Summary: Everything about Raph screamed strength and power, and when that was used properly, Leo knew the red-banded turtle could easily take him down. That alone had been the only reason Leo had not been able to claim his brother, the way he had already claimed Mikey and Donnie. And yet, it made him want to possess the hot-head even more.

Explicit sex!

World of Acceptance 




Dimension travel has never been a foreign concept to the brothers, however this time they have landed in a world populated by other humanoid turtles. Needing time to find a way home, and still considered underage, they are placed into the foster care system. They soon realize they no longer have control over their lives, and are split apart by the system, left with only a promise to find each other again once they have discovered a way to get home.
Happiness is more than a Wish



Mikey is given the gift of a single wish, the only catch, he can’t use it for himself.

One of my submissions for the Orange Crush fanbook!

The First Time Mikey wasn’t sure when his other brothers had started telling him to shut up, but he would always remember that first time.
Anything But normal







Some people like to be alone, while others simply can’t handle it at all.
Its been three years, Mikey’s family starts coming back together, but being alone for three years has taken its toll on the youngest member of the family.Chapters
Winter Flame Dancing around their feelings for each other, Mikey and Raph are stranded by a blizzard. Forced to wait until the morning they must find shelter and keep warm.
Youthful Temptation Leonardo loves his little brother, he would do anything for him. Donatello belongs to him after all, even if the olive green turtle doesn’t know it yet.
Outrun the Nightmare Mikey wasn’t ready to let his brothers go, so for now, he would continue to cling onto them, until the darkness came to claim him as it already had in his nightmares.
Drabbles This is a collection of drabbles. That eventually will have artwork to go with each one. Enjoy.
Gilded Series


This is a series of multi chapter, and one-shot stories.
Gilded Sentiment Chapters 8
Gilded Sanctuary
Gilded Salvation