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Chapter 3

Mikey sighed as he sat on the edge of the roof, glancing over in the direction that Leo and Raph had gone off in. The two of them seemed to be arguing more than usual in the past three weeks, ever since it had been decided that Slash had to stay in the lair while the rest of them went on patrol. And no matter what he tried, getting between those two had only gotten him yelled at.

“Hey D,” Mikey said, glancing at his purple banded brother.

“Hmm?” Was Donnie’s only reply, but Mikey knew that his taller brother was listening to him, even if Donnie didn’t look up from what he was currently focused on.

“Do you think that Slash is dangerous?” Mikey asked, and his question must have surprised Donnie, because the purple banded turtle stopped what he was doing, looking up at Mikey with a worried expression.

“Did something happen?” Donnie asked.

Mikey shook his head quickly. “Nah, I was just asking cause ya know, poor guy’s been stuck in the lair for the past three weeks. And I was thinking that maybe you guys thought he was dangerous or something, since Leo keeps insisting that Slash isn’t ready to come out on patrol with us,” Mikey said, lowering his eyes to watch the street below them, it was easy enough to tell that Leo didn’t trust Slash, but Mikey couldn’t figure out why. But it wouldn’t be the first time Mikey had missed something that was obvious to his brothers.

“You actually want him up here, with us?” Donnie asked.

“I wouldn’t mind,” Mikey shrugged, “I just don’t think it’s really fair that we get to come up here almost every night, and he has to stay in the Lair, I mean, he’s been practicing with Splinter for the past couple weeks, he should have picked up something by now, right?” Mike asked, looking at Donnie hopefully.

Donnie let out a long sigh, standing up and moving to sit next to his only younger brother. “Something like that takes longer than a couple weeks, it took fifteen years for Splinter to even let US come up here,” watching his younger brother for a moment, noticing how his little brother kept looking off in the direction of Raph and Leo. “Mikey, what is this really about?” Donnie asked. “It can’t just be about Spike,”

“Slash,” Mikey corrected with a giggle, turning to look back at Donnie.

“Whatever!” Donnie huffed. “Spike, Slash, they’re still the same turtle. The point is, you never interacted with him very much before he was mutated, you seemingly had no interest in him at all, so this sudden interest is a bit…”

“Strange?” Mikey offered helpfully.

“For you, nothing is really all that strange,” Donnie said, nudging Mikey’s shoulder gently. “But yes, it is a bit weird.”

“I just think that maybe, if he were allowed up here, Leo and Raph wouldn’t fight so much,” Mikey said, his gaze drifting back to their older brothers, two rooftops over, where they couldn’t exactly hear the fight, but it was easy enough to see that they were having another argument. Donnie looked in the same direction that Mikey was, letting out another sigh and nodded.

“I can understand where you’re coming from Mikey, but there are other ways around this, that don’t involve bringing Slash up here,” Donnie said.

“So, you do think he’s dangerous?” Mikey asked, returning to his original question.

“Yes…and no,” Donnie said, smiling when Mikey let out a groan. “Let me finish,” Donnie chuckled. “Right now, Slash seems to be doing OK, he has been helping in the Lair, and hasn’t complained once about being stuck there, while we four are up here almost every night,” Donnie said, waiting for Mikey to nod his head to indicate that he understood so far. “Going by that, no I don’t think he’s dangerous. But he still has the mutagen in his system, and it’s still unstable, so there is no telling what will set him off, and who will get hurt if that happens,”

“So…” Mikey trailed off, looking thoughtful, and Donnie waited, knowing that Mikey was just trying to piece things together in his own head in a way he could understand best. “He’s a good guy, but the mutagen could still make him go crazy, and you would rather he not go crazy where he could hurt lots of people, or hurt us?” Mikey said.

“Yes,” Donnie said, smiling wider, happy that his brother actually understood it.

“So, if that’s the case, why are we leaving him alone with Splinter?” Mikey frowned.

“Because Splinter is also aware of what could happen, and is more capable than us to take Slash down if it comes to that,” Donnie said and stood up, holding his hand out for Mikey. “Now, let’s go put a stop to whatever Leo and Raph are fighting about now, and get patrol done so we can go home early tonight,” Donnie said.

“I’m totally with you on that one bro!” MIkey said taking Donnie’s hand and standing up. Mikey waited while Donnie packed up the few bits of equipment he had, before the two of them ran off, jumping from one building to another, as they got closer, it was easier for them to catch what their brothers were fighting about this time. Though that wasn’t truly necessary, as it was the same argument they had been having over the past three weeks.

“I’m not saying it again, Raph. Slash isn’t coming on patrol with us, not until we are sure it’s safe,” Leo said, his voice stern, and seeming unfazed by his slightly younger brothers temper, as Raph stood there glaring at him, growling softly.

“You won’t even give him a chance! You’re too scared of what MIGHT happen, that even though he has proven that he hasn’t been affected by his mutation, you still insist on keeping him locked up like…like…some animal!” Raph shouted.

“I am just doing what is best for this team!” Leo shot back.

“Bullshit!” Raph growled, clenching his fists tighter.

“Um…guys?” Donnie asked, looking between his two older brothers.

“It’s not bullshit, it is a possibility that Slash could still be dangerous,” Leo pointed out. “I would rather that be somewhere contained, and not out here, or while we are on an actual mission!”

“Guys,” Donnie spoke up again, exchanging a look with Mikey when neither Raph or Leo seemed to hear them.

“DUDES!” Mikey yelled, grinning when identical looks of shock were directed at him.

“If you two are finished drawing attention to us, maybe we could finish up here at some point tonight, and actually go home before sunrise?” Donnie asked.

“This ain’t none of your business!” Raph snapped.

“It is, Mikey and I managed to get all the way over here, stand right next to both of you, and neither of you noticed us,” Donnie pointed out.

“Yeah dude, we didn’t even have to ninja you!” Mikey said with a grin. “We could have probably even taken you both out if we wanted!”

“Not likely,” Raph grunted.

“Alright,” Leo spoke up, cutting Mikey off before his youngest brother could continue talking. “Let’s finish up, and head home,” Leo said.

“I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere,” a new voice spoke up as Rahzar stepped out of the shadows.

“The Master would like a few words with you,” Fishface spoke next, coming to stand next to the giant dog like creature.

All four of the turtles were on their guard, weapons in hand, their backs pressed together so they could watch for any possible attack from any side as Footbots came out to surround them.

“What makes you think any of us would go with you willingly?” Raph snarled.

“Oh, I knew it wouldn’t be willingly, it’s no fun if you cooperate.” Rahzar snarled, a grin twisting his already hideous features.


The four brothers slowly made their way back down to the Lair, the only sound being made as they walked was Raph’s grumbling, as he was being supported by Leo and Donnie, since he wasn’t able to put weight on his left leg that was heavily bandaged.

Mikey hovered awkwardly around his three brothers, wanting to do something to help, but knowing that Leo and Donnie were already doing enough for the grumpy turtle.

“When we get back, I’ll make you whatever you want Raphie,” Mikey said, trying to sound as light hearted and cheerful as he usually did, though it was difficult. This was made a little difficult due to the fact that Raph had been ignoring him since they got into the sewers.

“That’s a good idea, Mikey,” Donnie said, when it was obvious that Raph wasn’t going to say anything.

“Yeah, why don’t you run on ahead and get some food started now? We’ll be right behind you,” Leo suggested. Mikey looked between his three brothers, before his eyes landed on Raph once more, when Raph didn’t even look at him, Mikey nodded slowly. With a crestfallen expression, the youngest turtle did as he was told.

Mikey paused just before he took the tunnel that would lead him to the Lair, glancing back to his brothers, he saw that they had stopped walking, he was curious and wanted to know what they were talking about, but Mikey knew he had pushed his luck a lot tonight, after all it was mostly his fault Raph had gotten hurt in the first place. So Mikey turned and continued on his way into the Lair.

Splinter was waiting by the turnstyles, his ear twitched as he gave Mikey a curious look. “Welcome back, Michelangelo, where are your brothers?” Splinter questioned.

“Raph was hurt, Donnie and Leo are helping him,” Mikey explained, shifting a little nervously as he usually wasn’t the one to give Splinter the details about their patrol.

“Raph is hurt?” Slash asked, and Mikey looked over toward the pit where the large turtle was standing.

“Yeah, it was just his leg though, Donnie already has it wrapped up,” Mikey said, smiling Slash, who didn’t return the smile. Letting out a low growl, Slash moved forward, heading for the entrance of the Lair.

“Slash,” Splinter said, gaining the large turtles attention. “If Michelangelo says that Raph is alright, then he is,” Splinter said.

“Yeah, his leg was just caught by Rhazar’s claws,” Mikey explained. “It bled a lot, but Donnie said it was fine and wrapped it up no problem,” Mikey grinned. “I’m going to make some food for everyone now! I’ll be in the kitchen!” Mikey said and hurried passed Splinter and Slash.

It was as Mikey started getting the pots and pans out that he needed to start cooking, that he heard his brothers return, or rather, he heard Raph return, and assumed that Donnie and Leo were still helping him walk.

“I said I was alright! Now lemme walk on my own!” Raph’s voice echoed through the Lair as he shouted and complained.

“I don’t care! The bandage is fine, I don’t need no stitches!” Raph growled, a few moments later Mikey heard the sound of a door slamming, and knew that Raph had retreated to his room. Letting out a long sigh, Mikey returned to his self appointed task of making food for everyone.

Mikey started humming to himself as he worked, putting all his focus on what he was doing in the kitchen, that he didn’t notice he was being watched at first. As the youngest turtle turned around, intending to grab something from the fridge, he nearly jumped out of his shell when he saw Slash standing in the doorway.

“Oh, hey dude,” Mikey said, giving him a wide grin. “You wanna help?” Mikey offered, frowning when Slash just narrowed his eyes at him. “Uh…or not,” he said, laughing nervously as Slash continued to glare at him for a moment.

“I told ya I could get my own drink, Slash,” Raph’s voice broke whatever tance Slash seemed to be in, the larger turtle blinked a couple times, before looking down at Raph who pushed passed him and into the kitchen.

“Raphie!” Mikey said happily, seeing his second oldest brother. “I’m making you some food, you never said what you wanted-”

“I’m not hungry,” Raph snapped.

Mikey didn’t seem put off at all by Raph’s attitude, far too used to his brothers temper. “You don’t have to eat it now, but I wanted to make you something, so that when you ARE hungry, you can have it,” Mikey insisted.

“If you want to do somethin’ for me, then just go get me a pizza, and get away from me for a while, before you cause any more damage!” Raph growled.

“One extra large, meat lovers pizza coming right up!” Mikey said, grinning widely and giving his brother a salute.

“Just get outta here, knucklehead,” Raph said, shaking his head as he made his way to the fridge to retrieve the soda. Mikey gave Raph a hug on his way by, before he scurried passed Slash, not hearing the low growl that came from the larger turtle.

“Ya alright Slash?” Raph asked, looking over at his friend.

“You just finished telling me, that it was his fault that your leg is hurt,” Slash said, truning to face Raph.

“Yeah, it was ‘cause he wasn’t payin’ any attention,” Raph said with a shrug.

“How can you forgive him so easily?” Slash narrowed his eyes.

“I’m annoyed at him right now, but that’s just how Mikey is, ‘sides, I would rather my leg get a few more scars, than let that crazy mutt dig his claws into my baby brother,” Raph said with a small growl of his own.

“All he does is play games, and annoy people, he even managed to pull me into that prank of his the other day,” Slash said with another low growl, and Raph couldn’t help but smile a little bit at his larger friend.

“Like I said, that’s just how Mikey is, and I’m sure you can think of a few good ways of getting back at him later,” Raph said.

Slash stood there, watching Raph for a moment, before giving him single nod, turning to leave the kitchen, his eyes narrowed on the exit to the Lair where Mikey had just gone. “It’s late, I’m going to bed,” Slash said, looking back at the red banded turtle. “I’m glad you’re not to badly hurt,” he said, giving him a small smile, before turning and leaving the kitchen. Raph raised an eyebrow at the retreating turtle, but shrugged and poured himself a glass of soda, making a mental note to have April bring them some more as he finished off the bottle.


Mikey groaned as he slowly felt himself waking up, his head was pounding and his whole body hurt, which wasn’t to strange considering the fight they had gotten into with the footbots, Rahzar and Fishface earlier that night. What was strange about him suddenly coming back to consciousness though, was that the last thing he remembered, he had been going to get pizza.

“Finally awake,” a voice cut into his thoughts and Mikey groaned again as he forced his eyes open. The first thing that greeted him was darkness, and for a moment he thought that he might be blind folded, however blinking a few times his eyes slowly adjusted and he could make out a large shape of something standing right in front of him.

“Slash…?” Mikey asked blinking again as he finally recognised the shape of the creature in front of him. “Dude, what happened? I feel like Raph was using me for a personal punching bag,” Mikey said as he tried to sit up only to find his hands were stuck, being held down to a table by a chain that was wrapped almost painfully around his wrists.

“Slash?” Mikey asked eyeing the shadow that was still standing in front of him, he was fairly sure that it was Slash, but it was more than a little creepy when the other turtle wasn’t answering him. “Dude…what’s going on?” Mikey asked pulling at the chains that held his hands, he couldn’t remember how he had gotten here, and the fact that Slash was just standing there instead of helping him was starting to worry him.

“I’m teaching you a lesson, Michelangelo,” Slash finally spoke only adding to Mikey’s confusion.

“Lesson?” Mikey asked. “If you wanted to teach me something there’s better ways to get me to listen that don’t involve chaining me up,” Mikey said with a nervous laugh.

“A lesson about what happens, when you hurt Raphael,” Slash’s voice was a near constant growl now and Mikey swallowed hard when he heard it.

“Um…alright dude, lesson learned,” Mikey said, smiling weakly up at the larger turtle.

“Raphael is to soft for his own good” Slash continued, ignoring the fact that Mikey had even spoken at all, “I believe that he forgave you to easily, but how are you going to learn anything if everyone just let’s you do whatever you want,” Slash growled pulling the chains even tighter until he saw Mikey wince from the slight pain.

“I do learn things!” Mikey said staring up at the large turtle that seemed to be looming over him. “I may not be super smart like Donnie, but I know stuff.”

“All you know is how to play games, you are useless to your brothers and this team, and if someone doesn’t teach you that your actions can have painful consequences, then next time it may not just be someone getting hurt, I will not stand by and watch as your uselessness gets Raphael killed!” Slash roared in anger causing Mikey to shrink back as much as possible.

“W-what?” Mikey asked, stuttering as he stared at Slash with wide eyes. He couldn’t wrap his mind around what was happening. “Dude I don’t even know what you’re talking about! We got into a fight, and Raph got hurt, it happens!” Mikey said, pulling at the chains holding him down. “And I would never let my brother get killed! Besides, Raph knows how to take care of himself, unless you have so little faith in his abilities-” Mikey didn’t even get to finish that sentence before he was punched in the stomach so hard that all the air left his lungs. Curling up as much as he could Mikey tried to pull new air into his lungs.

Slash just stood there watching as Mikey struggled to breath. Long minutes passed as the younger turtle gasped for air like a fish out of water until finally he managed to get his breathing under control.

“It is you that doesn’t know anything about Raphael’s abilities, you and your brothers, all you do is hold him back from his true potential, but I was willing to let that slide because you are his family, and even I understand that at the moment Raphael still believes that he needs you,” Slash growled grabbing Mikey’s legs and forcing the orange banded turtle to uncurl himself, pulling Mikey’s legs until they were laying straight again.

“There’s something wrong with your head bro!” Mikey gasped out staring at Slash, trying not to let it show how truly scared he was getting in this situation, he was helpless in this position.

“When I am finished everyone will see how useless you are,” Slash hissed, in one move he flipped Mikey over so that the smaller turtle was laying on his plastron. Mikey didn’t like this new position at all, it made it impossible to see what Slash was doing. An unpleasant shiver ran through him when he felt that large hand moving up his leg, the way Slash was touching him made something twist unpleasantly in his stomach, making him almost glad about the fact that he had never gotten his pizza.

“If you let me go we can maybe just talk about this?” Mikey offered trying to look over his shoulder at Slash, but the larger turtle was apparently finished talking now. Those hands continued running up and down his legs, Slash’s claws leaving scratches as he held Mikey a little tighter. Mikey held back the small whimper of fear when he felt the larger hands spreading his legs a little further apart making him feel more exposed than he had ever felt before.

The hands moved from his legs up to his hips, lifting him off the table slightly. Mike thought he heard Slash let out a soft groan but didn’t have any time to register it when something hard pressed up against his tail. Straining even more trying to wiggle free from his captor, wanting to turn and see what Slash was doing, but moving was near impossible with Slash holding his hips. He almost wished that Slash would continue talking, this sudden near silence was more worrisome than everything that Slash had been saying before. A hand moved briefly from his hip grabbing his tail and pulling it up and away from his body.


“What are you-” the question died suddenly in his throat as something began pushing against him, the pressure continued building and Mikey kicked one of his legs out in an attempt to get away from whatever that thing was. Slash’s hands tightened painfully on his hips and with one more push the pressure suddenly became a searing pain starting from his tail and going all the way up his back.

Blue eyes widened as an impossibly loud scream was suddenly ripped from him. Kicking and struggling harder than he had before, Mikey paid no attention to the metal links that were digging into his skin drawing blood, the pain of that was nothing compared to what he was feeling now. He felt Slash pressing fully against him now, the larger turtles hips flush with his own. Mikey had a brief thought that maybe that was it, maybe Slash was done with him now, but he didn’t even get a chance to build on that possibility of hope before that thing inside him suddenly pulled out before it was slammed back in, back arching Mikey scrambled to get away from the pain that was ripping him apart, tearing through his skin right down to his very soul.

It was a nightmare, it had to be, nothing in real life could ever hurt this bad. So Mikey did what he always did when stuck in the middle of a nightmare, he called for his brothers.“Leo! Donnie!” Mikey screamed, tears falling rapidly down his cheeks as he felt Slash moving behind him, the warm sticky feeling of blood flowing down his thighs made Mikey dry heave. “RAPH!” Mikey screamed as loud as he could, coughing as his stomach clenched painfully causing him to dry heave again. “…please…” Mikey closed his eyes tightly wishing for someone, anyone to make this horrible pain stop. His mind couldn’t even process what was happening to him, just that this pain was worse than anything he had ever felt, leaving him feeling raw and exposed.

“Useless,” Slash hissed in his ear, another stabbing pain shooting up Mikey’s back as that peace of hard flesh pulled out and pushed back into him. “Worthless, you deserve worse than this,” Slash said and Mikey continued to cry, trying not to listen to what Slash was saying to him, and though Mikey wasn’t sure if it was even possible, but those words seemed to make the pain even worse until all he could do was lay there crying like the child he was, each stab of pain, each harsh word cutting him open for the world to see.

Mikey was horrified to notice that despite the pain, despite how much he wanted all this to stop, his body still seemed to be reacting to what Slash was doing to him. The realisation of this only caused Mikey to cry harder. He wasn’t sure how long this pain lasted, how long Slash kept him pinned to the table, but he was sure it must have been hours, when with one final stab he felt something hot and wet flooding his insides making his stomach turn violently.

———–END RAPE———-

And just as suddenly as all this had started, the warm body leaning over him was gone, but the pain was still there making it difficult for Mikey to even move, but he still managed to curl up tightly, harsh sobs shook his body, his mind was nothing more than a haze of confusion and pain.

“Remember this lesson, if you hurt Raphael again, I’ll repeat this lesson until it sinks into that stupid brain of yours,” Slash said grabbing Mikey’s wrists and pulling the chains loose before dropping the still sobbing turtle back onto the table he had been on.

Mikey was vaguely aware of footsteps walking away, and suddenly he was alone. The cold feeling settled over him like an icy blanket, the only thought going through Mikey’s head was that no one had come for him, he had screamed for each of his brothers, wanting someone to wake him from this nightmare he was now trapped in, but for the first time in his life, no one had come.

He lay there crying silently to himself, each small movement he made caused another twinge of pain to shoot through his body, he wanted nothing more than to be home in bed, to wake up and find out that this was nothing but a horrible nightmare, and his brothers would be there, they would comfort him and whatever effects this dream had on him would be gone within the hour, things would be normal and he would forget all about this pain. But as Mikey moved again, attempting to sit up, he knew that this wasn’t a nightmare he was going to wake up from.


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